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Microsuction Earwax Removal

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Earwax is entirely natural and is produced by your ears in order to protect them from infections.


That being said, for some people, earwax can be a nuisance if it builds up in the ear canal and blocks the ears. This can be even more problematic if you wear hearing aids. Excessive earwax can cause pain, tinnitus, infection and hearing loss through blockage.


At Yates & Suddell we specialise in the micro-suction technique of removing ear blockages. This is generally accepted to be the safest and most effective method of wax removal. It is completely syringe-free with no need for weeks of softening with oil, with the procedure only taking a few minutes for each ear. Wax removal is priced at just £40 for one ear, £60 for both.

How do you Remove it?


Using a binaural microscope, our audiologist will utilise a fine low-pressure suction device to safely remove the blockage. Using the latest video otoscope technology, we’ll also show you the condition of your ear before and after the treatment is complete, giving you complete piece of mind that the procedure was a success.

Why Microsuction?


Microsuction is a safe, efficient and comfortable method of wax removal; no liquids are used during the procedure. This means that the procedure is clean, and non-invasive. It also allows us to clearly see the ear canal while we work, making it an exceptionally safe procedure. It’s quick and painless, often taking no more than a few minutes.


Benefits of Microsuction include:


  • None invasive method

  • Safe for individuals with perforated eardrums and mastoid cavity

  • No water, no mess

  • A quick and efficient process

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