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Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aids

We pride ourselves on our knowledge in Hearing Aid technology. With over 30 years’ experience we have the means to supply a range of different hearing aids, starting from invisible aids that slot straight into the ear canal through to systems that sit behind the ear - giving you the opportunity to choose what's best for you.

the-canal systems

In-the-Canal Systems

ear systems

Behind-the-Ear Systems

ear systems

In-the-Ear Systems

after care

Full after-care service

Enquire Now

During your assessment, your audiologist will be able to recommend a choice of solutions best suited to
your individual hearing requirements and lifestyle needs.

If you feel that hearing aids may be beneficial to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to discuss your options and come up with a solution that's right for you. 


The aftercare program is essential to the maintenance of your hearing system and ensures your instruments are calibrated correctly to your hearing. Each and every 6 months we will ensure your hearing system is cleaned, checked and working to it's maximum potential.


Every year your instruments will be sent away to the manufacturer for a complete service overhaul, during which Amplify will supply you with a loan system for the time being. This service is extended to every patient.

Full after-care package

Hearing System Maintenance

Complete Service Overhaul

Temporary Loan System

Free Live Demonstration

As part of the hearing assessment, your hearing levels will be assessed, from which your audiologist will demonstrate the most appropriate hearing system for your hearing needs and lifestyle. This is essential for you to hear the difference hearing aids can bring to your life.
This demonstration is entirely free, contact us to book your assessment today.

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