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Hearing Loss 

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Your Hearing is an Important Part of Your Identity


The ability to hear is vital when it comes to experiencing the world around you. You use it everyday, whether it be asking your children how their day was or relaxing on the couch watching your favourite programme. It’s therefore vital that you take the necessary steps to safeguard so you can continue to enjoy life’s moments to the fullest.

If you believe you or a friend or family member may be suffering from hearing loss, don’t hesitate to get in touch. No matter the circumstances, lifestyle or age, our audiologists will have a solution which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Hearing Loss
Action on Hearing Loss

Taking the First Step


Amplify Hearing offers complimentary hearing assessments and consultations. Our fully qualified audiologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your hearing needs based on your lifestyle. Don't hesitate to action on hearing loss.

A Friendly Voice

Usually one of the reasons you’re taking action is due to communication issues with friends and family. We suggest a friend or family member accompanies you and therefore any decisions can be shared and consulted upon.

Initial consultation


During the initial consultation we will discuss all areas which present you with difficulties in day to day life and we look at any related medical and health factors. We consider your general lifestyle and your specific needs. Following the hearing assessment we will recommend the best solution for you.


Free Hearing Assessment


  • Full examination of the outer ears, ear canals and eardrums

  • Audiometric assessment to establish your hearing threshold and at what level you can hear across a frequency range.

  • Results and findings are explained simply. We recommend hearing instruments if needed based on a number of considerations including

  • The type of hearing loss exhibited

  • Lifestyle e.g. the instrument may need to cope with a number of difficult listening situations

  • Cosmetic appearance

  • Cost

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