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With hundreds of frame styles to choose from you will be spoilt for choice! Don’t worry though- our friendly, highly trained staff are available to give you the best advice on what will suit you. We have great deals for NHS patients in addition to a vast range of fashion and designer frames to suit every pocket. Our frame range is constantly evolving to reflect changing fashions and includes such designer brands as Emporio Armani, Gucci, Swarovski and Ted Baker. Complete spectacles start from just £59.



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At Yates & Suddell we are committed to providing you with the best lenses to suit your lifestyle and prescription. All our lenses are produced to the industries’ most exacting standards, giving you best possible vision.

Whether you wear glasses for driving, reading, playing sports, working on a computer (or all of the above!) we will be sure to have the perfect lens for your needs. Complicated prescription? Yates & Suddell use some of the most technologically advanced lenses ensuring the vision through your new spectacles is maximized.

Technology has vastly improved the quality of lenses over the past couple of years. We can now provide lenses thinner, lighter and optically superior than ever before. Call into any Yates & Suddell practice and our highly trained and friendly staff will be only too happy to advise you on your choice every step of the way.

Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses are used to correct either long or short-sightedness. If you are under the age of forty this is almost certainly the correct lens for you and will enable you to see clearly at all distances.

 Many patients over the age of forty will require a separate prescription to help them to see objects which are very close to them e.g. when reading. Known as ‘reading glasses’ these are usually made using single vision lenses.

Thin & Light Lenses

Sometimes referred to as ‘high index’ lenses this option is great for patients with a higher prescription. Modern thin and light lenses can cut thickness and weight by up to 50% making your glasses both more comfortable to wear, far better looking and can even improve vision quality. This type of lens is also highly recommended for rimless and semi rimless frames.


If you wear separate glasses for seeing long distance and reading, swapping and changing between the pairs can be a bit of a pain, right? Modern varifocals allow you to see everything from distance to reading in one pair. At Yates & Suddell we specialise in all types of varifocals and our knowledgeable staff can advise you as to your best option.

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