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Whether you take part in sport competitively or just as a gentle pastime a pair of sports sunglasses could make all the difference. Modern lens technology means that wrap around lenses are now more accessible to prescriptions than ever before.

So you can now see clearly but what if we could apply a bespoke tint to improve how you see, for example, contours on the putting green when playing golf? Watch that handicap plummet!

At Yates & Suddell we can provide both ‘general purpose’ sports glasses to suit a range of activities as well as more sports-specific option such as:

  • Golf- see the contours of the course more effectively

  • Cycling- pick out detail on the road or trail with unerring accuracy

  • Squash- special frames and lenses give extremely high impact protection

Many of these options are available in designer and even ‘signature’ options such as the Oakley ‘Mark Cavendish’ Jawbreaker cycling option pictured below.



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