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Women Wearing Designer Eyewear


Whatever your eyewear means to you, we can all agree it is important. Your glasses are part of your unique style, they shape the way you see the world and you wear them every day so they affect your comfort as well. Finding glasses that suit you, fit closely and comfortably and provide crystal-clear vision can be life-changing.


Our selection focuses solely on making sure our clients have an exceptional eyewear experience. Rather than selecting big brand names, we choose designers who provide us with frames our clients love. There’s a huge selection available and a dedicated dispensing team, so we are sure you’ll be able to find your way to a pair of frames that are perfect for you.


Our eyewear stylists are trained to help you find glasses to suit your exact requirements. Their expertise doesn’t stop with knowing how to match frames to face shape and complexion – they can help you find glasses that suit your priorities. Whether you are looking for comfortable under-stated or your next fashion statement, we can offer you helpful and honest advice.

Sunglasses on a table


Alongside our comprehensive range of spectacles, we offer a selection of quality prescription sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from UV light can prevent all kinds of eye damage, so finding the right pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference to your eye health. Our prescription sunglasses offer a combination of comfort, protection from the sun and vision correction that allows you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors. Simply pick out a pair of frames from our selection and we can fit them with your prescription and choice of lens.


At all of our practices, we ensure that the best quality lenses are available for our clients. Whatever your prescription, we can fit your frames with thin, attractive lenses that provide crisp, clear vision. Our dispensing team have the expertise to ensure every pair of spectacles comes with quality lenses fitted to your exact specifications.

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