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At our independent practice, we are dedicated to vision and eye care. This means that we provide the most detailed and advanced eye examinations possible for both our private and NHS patients. Eye examinations are no longer just about checking your eyesight, they now include an important check of your eye health. While these appointments may be easy to postpone, they make it possible to manage and prevent serious eye conditions and vision loss. Providing eye care for our community is our highest priority, so get in touch today and let us help you keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.


When thinking about our eye health, we tend only to think about vision. The truth is your eyes are a complicated instrument and keeping them healthy can save you from a great deal of discomfort and potentially serious conditions. Eye examinations not only test your eyesight but examine the overall health of your eyes – optometrists can even diagnose conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease during an exam. There are many ways to look after your eyes by staying healthy and using the right eyewear to protect them, but perhaps the most important part of personal eye care is to have an examination with a qualified optometrist. This allows them to spot any problems in their early stages and helps you prevent or manage them effectively.



We offer personalised eye examinations with an optometrist who will take plenty of time to get to know you and your eye health requirements. As well as precisely testing your vision, a series of eye health checks will be carried out to look for emerging eye problems. Your optometrist will also discuss your eye health with you and check if you have any family history of eye conditions or if you have any symptoms. All of this information will help them to create a complete assessment of your vision and eye health, which they will explain to you at the end of the examination.


For minor eye conditions that need urgent attention, we offer emergency eye care from our practices in Bury, Ramsbottom and Walkden. If you are experiencing minor eye-related symptoms having an examination quickly can make a huge difference to your ocular health. Our optometrists are prepared to deal with many conditions and can provide you with local referrals whenever necessary.


Enhanced eye examinations include additional tests that could make a big difference to your eye health. The enhanced examination includes an OCT scan, which is the latest technology providing retinal imaging. Unlike previous retinal scans, OCT uses a special kind of light to create a 3D image of the different parts of the eye including its internal structure. This technology allows optometrists to catch potentially sight-threatening conditions, which can be treated with the right care. The procedure is non-invasive and simple but could save you from serious difficulties later on.

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