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Little Girl Trying on Glasses


From early childhood to the teen years, eyesight helps young people learn about and enjoy the world. Protecting vision and eye health is a mission we take seriously, especially for children. Every part of the service includes specialised options for different age groups so whether your child needs an update on their prescription, a new pair of glasses or is dealing with an eye condition, we are equipped to provide exceptional care.


Many children don’t know they are experiencing an eye problem and symptoms are hard to spot, so having their eyes tested regularly is vital to ensure any issues are diagnosed quickly. This is especially true because both eye conditions and vision loss are more manageable when caught early on. Having your child’s eyes tested regularly not only gives you peace of mind about their vision and eye health, but it also helps to set them up with good practices for eye care that can help prevent problems from developing in the first place.


We offer detailed eye tests for children that look specifically for issues that affect different age groups and use specialised procedures depending on the age and reading ability of the child. All eye tests are free through the NHS for children under 16 and teenagers under 19 who are studying full-time.

Children Wearing Glasses & Playing on Tablet


Myopia is often referred to as short-sightedness and causes distant objects to appear blurry. A person with myopic vision may be able to see close-by objects clearly, but be unable to identify things in the background. In children, it can be difficult to spot, though a child with myopia may complain of not being able to see the whiteboard or television. Diagnosing myopia early on is important because it tends to get worse as you age. While the condition cannot be cured, increasingly effective vision correction is being used to stop myopia from getting worse.


We are proud to offer a leading myopia control technology: EyeDream Ortho K contact lenses. These amazing lenses are worn at night and correct your vision during the day. The lenses work by gently reshaping the surface of the eye so that when you wake up it is precisely the right shape to provide you with corrected vision. They are highly effective at slowing down the progression of myopia, allowing you to enjoy better eyesight for longer.


We offer the very best of children’s lenses and frames so they can enjoy perfect eyesight in comfort and style. Children can be self-conscious about wearing glasses and this can make picking out their frames stressful. With our wide selection of eyewear we ensure they have no shortage of options to choose from and strive to make our practices relaxed places for them to try on frames. The selection includes frames made with many different materials and designs all of which are chosen for comfort and durability, so that no matter which pair your child chooses their new glasses will be practical as well as attractive.

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