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With our hearing clinic, we can now accommodate all your hearing and eye care needs from local practices. With free assessments, we can a comprehensive look at your hearing and diagnose any form of hearing loss. All assessments are carried out by a highly-trained audiologist, who can pinpoint the cause of any hearing loss and help you find a personalised solution.

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Wax is an important part of the functioning of your ears as it protects them from infection, dust and foreign objects. However, in some cases, wax can block the ear and this can cause hearing loss and discomfort. We offer a simple procedure to remove excess ear wax. It is completely safe and painless and can often significantly improve hearing. Book an assessment today and see if you can get better hearing through this simple procedure.


With our ongoing aftercare package, we can continue to monitor your hearing and help you to maintain your hearing device. We make sure our aftercare appointments are as comprehensive as possible – during every one we will thoroughly check your device, reassess your hearing and let you know about any new technology that could help you improve your hearing.

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